We are in Medora, North Dakota and staying the day and night before heading to Fargo area to visit relatives. It has been a long venture but have seen a lot of sights and enjoying our trip.

Planned on posting more but didn’t anticpate the limited WI-FI acess.

Mark and Kim


Glacier National Park

Great weather and the park has beautiful scenery. Below are some pictures. Going to spend another day or two in Glacier.




Red bus we took to going to the sun road. Top opened up so you can look up and really see more of the mountains. Down side is lot of sunburn. Let someone else do the driving up the very narrow road.


Stayed in Polson, Montana last night which is about an hour away from Glacier National Park. Will be exploring Glacier today. Cool last night and bright and sunny today with low humidity.

That’s all for now.

Yellowstone Part 2

We spent 2 days in Yellowstone but no WI-FI until now as we leave the park. At a coffee shop with a great view of the north entrance. Yellowstone is spectacular and fun place to go. Got down to 43 degrees last night and we ran the furnace in the camper. On our way to Glacier National Park.

Below are some pictures of Yellowstone.

Old Faithful


Boiling hot Geyser


Mud Vulcano

Waterfall along the road



Monday was a travel day from the Black Hills to Yellowstone. It is a hike and we took our time and got delayed by road construction through the big horn mountains. We are at a campground just outside of Yellowstone and will be heading to the park today. Will be taking lots of pictures and posting tonight. Days are hot but nights cool down nicely. Dry out here too but maybe that is normal.


Thought it would be a lot less humid this far west of Dubuque but no such luck.  90’s and very sticky. Drove through  the Badlands, Custer State Park and  Mount Rushmore. Must see tourist sites in this area. Participated in the Rapid City rodeo and took first place in the Bucking Buffalo event and rated top new cowboy.

They want me to come back to Mount Rushmore tomorrow and do a facial plaster cast as the rock sculptor wants a reference as he begins chiseling the new addition to the National monument next to President Lincoln. I wanted to post more pictures but WI-FI connection is poor and having difficulty. Time to call it a night soon. Bye for now.

Disclaimer: Some of the above comments may not be 100% factual and the delusional thoughts of the author.

You can click on below pictures to enlarge.

                                                                                                                                            Crazy Horse monument still under construction.

Bright and early this Saturday we depart and the plan is to drive to Chamberlain, South Dakota and stop for the night. Maybe farther depending on fatigue and lateness of the day.


 More posts to come as vacation progresses.